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   This is where all the bits that don’t quite fit into the trail will go - the ones that were too good to miss out. Such as one very good reason why monkeys should avoid Boddam, and how  the arrival of Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts in Peterhead caused riots in the street. The town has two war memorials, both of which merit attention, and the old St. Peter’s Churchyard has some tales to tell. ONLY the “Revolting Peterhead”, “The Chain House” and “Sorry - Our Mistake” buttons work at present - others to follow.

For puzzled history anoraks, some explanation of Feu duty, Feudal Superiors and the Feuars Managers is definitely needed. Have your solicitor on standby! The Meethill Tower and the Airship base at Lenabo will also put in an appearance, along with the stagecoach to Aberdeen. And what happened to the widows and fatherless children after the Tom Tit disaster in 1914? Wait and see!

Revolting Peterhead The Bodam Monkey The Blackshirts The Chain House The War Memorials Sorry - our mistake!