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The Blue Route

The first part of the trail is the Red Route. At Roanheads, the trail splits, with the shorter Red Route taking you back to the Arbuthnot Museum. The longer Blue Route is for anyone with a bit more time and energy, or who wants to enjoy the coastline. It takes you through historic Buchanhaven, past the oldest working fish smokehouse in Scotland and the fabulous Ugie estuary. Keep your eyes open for whales and dolphins along the coast.

Coming soon to this page:- the Plague continues to be a nuisance, but it’s affecting Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads which nobody living in the occupied town minds too much. The Railway brings new prosperity to the town and opens new markets for fish. A second wartime piano hits the roof, following the James Street casualty in November 1940. Find out about Alexander Birnie (the Pearl King), and the many uses of Peterhead Granite. Not to mention Whaling (we can’t deny it happened), and the Blootoon Inuits.

Buchanhaven - one of the five fishing settlements that became part of Peterhead