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 Places to eat and Drink

After you have walked (or run, or cycled, depending on how keen you are) around the Town Trail, you will almost certainly need to replenish all those precious calories you squandered in the pursuit of knowledge. Even if you only managed part of the tour, a wee reward is always welcome.

Peterhead is not short of places to go for a fly cup and a fancy piece (or tea, coffee and a sticky bun for visitors from outside Aberdeenshire). There are some excellent takeaways offering a great variety of food from healthy salads, nourishing and tasty soups, hot drinks, pies, fish suppers and other hot snacks. For those looking for something more substantial, local cafes, hotels and restaurants offer a range of meals to suit every pocket.

If you are visiting the town, don’t miss sampling cullen skink ( a delicious fish soup) or Rowies (the local morning roll, known as Butteries in other parts of the  shire). To find some suggestions for places to eat and drink, click the button below and download a list of local eateries.

Where to Eat & Drink