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Setting the Record Straight

    When the main stories for the town trail were written, we were careful to make sure that (as far as possible) the information was accurate and supported by other sources. Being pedantic is an occupational hazard for historians (even amateur ones like us). However, we have discovered a downside to the natural curiosity that drags us back into the records and archives again and again. Every now and then, a piece of information comes to light that suggests that something that appeared to be fact was not quite as accurate as we hoped.

So it is now confession time. Time to issue an apology to Baron Bailie Thomas Arbuthnot (a powerful man to upset, so we may have to grovel a little here), and his family. Please click below for the full sorry details of our woeful initial research.

The Arbuthnot Apology

 We do take consolation in not being the only ones to get things a bit wrong. Click the second link to see a contemporary representation of James VIII landing in Peterhead, clearly drawn by someone who was not present and had never visited the town. The King looks pretty well for someone with a feverish streaming cold and the after effects of seasickness. As for the castle in the background - 10/10  for imagination…

The Royal Visitor's Arrival