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A Wee Avian Diversion

    Just occasionally, we find our attention wandering into strictly non-historical matters which  affect Peterhead. Anyone visiting in recent years will have noticed the increasing number of gulls who have made the town centre their home. Now, gulls are fascinating and intelligent creatures who play an important role in the ecosystem of the seas. However, their role in the urban environment is much less welcome. Gulls have abandoned their natural existence on traditional rocky cliffs in favour of the bright lights and warm chimney stacks of the town, and are embracing the 24 hour, fast food lifestyle. From there, some have dived headlong into a life of crime.

It is fair to say that gulls do not make very good neighbours. Who wants a bird next door who thinks it’s okay to raid the bins, leave pooh everywhere, sing raucous love songs from dawn until dusk, damage the roof and get aggressive if someone looks the wrong way at their offspring? Or worse, attack pets and mug people in the street to steal their hard earned sandwiches from their very mouths? And what can you do when these interlopers are protected by law? Never fear - Peterhead has survived plague, armed rebellion and piracy. We are up for tackling the feathery menace!

If you have an infestation of Herring Gulls on your roof, or the squawks of the Black Backed Gulls next door stop you from sleeping, or your lunch has been wrestled from your grip in a sneaky swoop from behind, help is at hand. Aberdeenshire Council have prepared a handy “Survivor’s Guide to Living With Urban Gulls” and you can download your free copy here. And if you have come here just for the leaflet - can we tempt you to take a few moments to explore 500 years of history and gossip?

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Living With Urban Gulls Leaflet