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Town Trail map and leaflet 2015.pdf

Welcome to the Peterhead Town Trail.

  This is a walking tour around Peterhead – Aberdeenshire’s biggest town – and highlights over four hundred years of history, stories, events, local scandals, gossip and sensations. The trail is made up of a short route, which concentrates on the town centre and harbour, with an optional longer walk along the northern edge, which takes in beaches, wildlife and some of Buchan’s fabulous coastline. Along the way are 21 panels telling some of the stories. Alas, all those years of history don’t fit very neatly onto 21 story boards. This site is designed to fill in the gaps, and spill the beans on the bits that didn’t make it onto the panels.

Just as Rome was not built in a day, this site will grow and develop as our crack team (or is that crack-pot team?) of ace local historians and gossipmongers ferret out the truth.

Observant and tech-savvy walkers who follow the route will notice QR codes on the panels. These are not functional

yet – please bear with us. Our web builder is still wearing L-plates but is learning fast.

We hope you will enjoy this site, and that it will inspire you to explore the trail. If you would like to get involved in developing this site, or if you have stories you would like us to include, please get in touch through the contact page.

If you live too far away to walk round the route and read the panels for yourself, please get in touch through the contacts page and we can send you a copy of the text. Extra marks will be awarded for entertaining and original excuses for not visiting in person.

There are 21 story boards like these along the trail route

Click to Download the Trail Map